Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Early Morning Oilers Notes

Steve Tambellini is still treading the water on a trade to bring in some size. He continues to talk with Florida about Nate Horton but it looks like any trade for Horton starts with Tom Gilbert going the other way. If that is the case, Tambo will want to make a bigger deal and land more than just Horton, as mentioned in a previous blog McArdle is a name that has interested the Oilers, but he would be more of an AHL player at this point.

Would you do this trade if you were the oilers?

Gilbert and Nilsson for Horton and McArdle?

If I was the Oilers I would go for a little bigger deal and maybe snag Keaton Ellerby someway with a series of picks and prospects, but This is still a good deal for the Oilers as they rid themselves of Nilssons contract while bringing in a big guy who can score!

The Heatley saga has been one with many ups and downs, and currently the Oilers believe they have a really good shot at Heatley. I was told that IF the trade happens. There will be a minor flurry of other roster moves. I am hoping that would include a Manny Malholtra and an invite to training camp for Maxim Afinogenov.


  1. I'm a little confused - earlier you post the Oilers offer Gilbert and Nilson for Horton and Mcardle, but this post implies Gilbert going the other way is required and is the sticking point, and "if that is the case, Tambo... wants more than just Horton." So which is it? Did the Oilers 'dangle' Gilbert or did the Panthers demand him, and the Oilers want more? (Or are you just spinning yarns?)

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  3. The Panthers demand Gilbert for any deal with horton, enless of course the forward player is upgraded

  4. Here's where I get confused - yesterday you post:

    The Oilers have reportedly sent out an offer for nathan horton of the Florida Panthers. I am told the deal includes The Oilers sending Tom Gilbert and Robert Nilsson in exchange for Nathan Horton and a mid round draft pick

    So the Oiler's apparently already offered Gilbert - it doesn't make sense to me that your post today say the Panther's demand Gilbert, cause according to you he's already been offered...

  5. There are ongoing negotiations and the names smid gilbert o'sullivan and nilsson were all thrown around. Gilbert was the guy that was offered and the Panthers are taking no less than him. sorry bout the confusion

  6. Wow, I've wasted the better part of the last month both hoping that Tambo would make some trades to address roster holes and as well to find any evidence of such.

    Where's your source for this info because I haven't seen anything about the Horton deal anywhere?

  7. My source requests anonymousity

  8. whoever is running this blog is tryin to become the next Eklund..everyone stop reading this garbage

  9. No kidding. This guy's a major tool. Good on Johnathon for exposing this guy.
    It's summer, everyone is craving Oilers news, but there's no need to fabricate rumors.