Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not Much New in the OIlers News!

I returned from my holiday last night and worked the phones this morning. There is not much new with the Oilers. Brule and Smid are locked up for the year so now only Rob Schremp is left to sign. My source believes he will be signed within the week. Pat Quinn is going to give Schremp all the chances he needs to make the club. Its really up to Robbie if he wants it.

The Oilers, as also confirmed by Bob Stauffer, are in continued pursuit of shipping out a defenseman for a winger with some size.

The Oilers, according to my source would LOVE to rid themselves of Steve Staios and his contract. They might be willing to make a trade like staios and a 4th for a 5th rounder at this point. Oilers would be satisfied with a D-core of this to start the year


Thats it for now. I will post if anything new comes up


  1. Who would take Steve though? Unless we dealt him and Nilsson for Horton.

  2. it would take much more than nilsson and staios to get horton, as i stated before. gilbert would be a must in a horton deal